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Ron™ Dynamometers

Ron 2501S - Wireless
Wireless for maximum flexibility. Small and lightweight for portability
Ron 2000S - Wired
Exceptionally small and lightweight. Low cost and available with wide variety of options.
Ron 2125S - Wired
Robust aluminum indicator with backlit 1”/25mm LCD. Display can be attached to load cell for convenience.
Ron 2150S - Wired
Large aluminum indicator with backlit 2”/50mm LCD. Display can be attached to load cell for convenience.

Eilon Engineering’s Ron Crane Scales™ brand of wired and wireless dynamometers benefit from 45 years of load measuring experience. Fatigue rated and featuring a 5:1 safety factor, Ron Crane Scales™ dynamometers are suitable for a variety of industrial applications.
Ron Crane Scales™ wired and wireless dynamometers are used mainly for weighing during lifting in heavy industries such as foundries, offshore, oil &  gas, ports, mines and wind turbine installations. They measure the lifted loads and thus make it possible to prevent overloads, increase efficiency and reduce manufacturing costs.
Ron Crane Scales™ wired and wireless dynamometers provide low headroom loss and long battery life.
Small dimensions, low weight and optional Pelican cases make Ron Crane Scales™ dynamometers highly portable and excellent for onsite use.
The unique 90 degree design of Ron Crane Scales™ dynamometers increase accuracy and safety
Each Ron Crane Scales™ dynamometer is made of high quality aerospace steel, ensuring a high level of safety.
Ron Crane Scales™ dynamometers can also be used horizontally for cable tension measurement as well as drag force measurement.
Each Ron Crane Scales™ dynamometer is supplied with an NIST traceable calibration and proof load certificate.




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